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Breaking News.....

Emily wins USAG National Vault Title
at 2010 National Collegiate Gymnastics Finals in Texas

Read all about it  on the web
Read about it here on her webpage

Spring 2010

The calendar says it's Spring, but we're not quite sure which season it is!
One day it's wintry, the next summer-like and another is a nice spring day. 
Most of the pollen came down early this year. 
Picked our first rose and the figs are starting to percolate.  
Daffodils are already gone but the iris' and jack-in-the-pulpit are coming up.

Golf season is in full swing.
Emily's gymnastics season is coming to a close.  she had a
terrific Junior Year.
James' college baseball season is just beginning.  Although after
a great start, he's on the bench with an injury !

Patricia is getting all A's and is working at Lake Winnie.
Connor, Sean, Amanda, Tim and Devin are also going to school and holding down jobs.
Jeff and Roni are enjoying their involvement with the ROTC.  Both are officers.  Go figure!
Jeff got his driver's license.

Yes, that's Sam sitting with the Cornell Gymnastics Team in Keller, Texas during their National Competition!


Before and After photos of our kitchen renovation.


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